adds Google +1

You may notice this little new button on the website.  It is Google’s new social widget, called ‘+1’ and is a new indicator of the popularity and relevance of websites that would be, at some level, dictated by the public – the Joe and Jane website visitor.

You might compare it to a Facebook ‘Like’ only its for websites.  We don’t know how well Google’s next attempt to penetrate social media will turn out but we thought it would be worth adding to our website.  We’d love to see the numbers go up too – if to boost our ego 😉  so if you think was able to provide useful information, feel free to  us. We are all about creating awareness, if you haven’t already noticed the ‘Please like us’ fanpage button.  So either on Facebook or Google +1 or both, we’d love for you to take an interest in our little awareness effort.