STD Dating – For teens and parents it’s time to have that talk

Your teen’s considering dating. You’re part excited for him or her, but mostly you’re worried. Dating can lead to sex, and that can lead to unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

It’s time to have that frank talk about STD dating

But before you bring up STD dating, first thing you want to discuss with your teen  is the reason why your teen wants to date.

  1. Have they found another person that they feel compatible with?
  2. Are they willing to date just because all their friends are doing it?
  3. Are they doing it because it’s cool, it’s hip to do it, like they see on TV?

Keep in mind that if you clearly forbid them to date without any plausible explanation they may do it secretly. If this happens, you may not be able to help them if they get into trouble. They may feel like they cannot come to you with any questions about STDs or any emotional issues related to dating. So don’t close that door. You’re better off being open, understanding, hence talking, as well and most importantly, listening to your teen is extremely important.

Dating can be a very exciting time in your teen’s life. He or she will learn about relationships, compromise, how to make someone else happy and lots more valuable life skills. On the other hand, your teen must also learn about the problems that he or she may run into, and how to handle them as well as prevent them as much as possible.

As your teen is learning how to deal with hormones, their sexual wellbeing becomes a concern. Many initiate sex, frequently without considering the repercussions. Low sexual health is painstakingly connected to complications – both mental and physical. Teens that jump into a sexual relationship with another at such an early age can face rejection. That type of dismissal can result in more harmful mental complications such as depression.

Accordingly, you need to talk to your teen about STDs – sexually transmitted diseases. It’s never too early to have this dialog. Dating may lead to sex. It doesn’t always at first, but sooner or later that’s where it’ll lead to.

You want to do your research beforehand. Get some medical books or surf the internet. Most importantly get pictures. Find photographs of the most common STDs, like gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, AIDS, so you can present them to your teen. Educate yourself on the symptoms of these STDs so you can talk about them with your teen. You also need to stress out the importance of treating them in their incipient phase, or else they can lead to infertility or even death, in some cases. Keep in mind that you ought to be strong and frank. You shouldn’t try to scare or deceive your child. You also don’t want to be preaching or overstressing, as this way you will definitely not be able to win your child’s attention.

Your teen is ready to date. Don’t stress yourself and your teen out. Open up the lines of communication. Get the facts straight, be honest and teach your teen to stay informed in order to prevent contracting an STD.  STD dating maybe an uncomfortable topic to discuss but your teen needs it for their awareness.