Risk For STDs In People Over Age 50

STDs in SeniorsYou are never too old to get STDs. When it comes to risk for STDs, it does not matter what age you are. The “golden years” are the time seniors can spend relaxing, traveling or passing around grand-children’s photos. However, some seniors are passing around more than just that, unfortunately. Many people as they age over 50 are gradually adopting the mindset that they are immune and that STDs in seniors are not prevalent. Many are just as uneducated about these illnesses as young kids and teens.

Some seniors, over 50 particularly, think that pregnancy is not an issue they have to worry about anymore, so using a condom is no longer a concern of theirs. Not worrying about pregnancy and not using a condom leads to no protection against the still possible STDs. Are STDs just for young people? The truth is, seniors really do need to worry about it. Reports have seen an increase in the number of cases of STDs in seniors. Most doctors also tend not to test for or ask about STDs when screening seniors as it has never been a senior related thing on their minds.

In the era that sees erectile dysfunction drugs being constantly manufactured (for example, Viagra), many older men who were previously unable to have sex are now sexually active again. At the same time, as men die younger than women, there is a gender imbalance amongst people over their 50s. This leads to the case where a relatively smaller number of older men once again are capable of sex. This gives these men the opportunity of having multiple sex partners. When you combine the smaller number of older men who are sexually active (without protection) and a larger number of older women that long for companionship, we can come to the grim conclusion that STDs in seniors can only rise if seniors continue to be uneducated regarding risk for STDs.

Older individuals need to be just as cautious regarding STDs in seniors. There are similar factors and risk for STDs as seen in younger people.