Does Health Insurance Cover STD Testing?

Most people that have health insurance will find that they also have STD testing insurance. This is something you certainly want to check with your insurance company about because getting tested for an STD is very important. A really bad STD that goes untreated can even cause death. So you want to be sure you talk to the health insurance company about whether or not they will offer you STD testing insurance.

If you find that you are not covered when it comes to getting tested for an STD then you might have to look at a free clinic to help you out. You should know however that it can take a good while time to get into one of these clinics to get tested and some of the results can take quite a while to even come back for you to know whether you need to be treated or not.

You should also know that there are some people out there that say that testing positive for an STD can make your std testing insurance actually go up. The only reason this would be true is if it was an STD that was going to require long term treatment and if you were on an individual health plan. However, in more cases than not you will find that your insurance is not going to increase just because you have a positive test.

All of these are important for one to know when they are considering getting an STD test. You should make sure that you check with your insurance company about whether or not they cover STD testing and that you take whatever means possible to make sure that you get tested for any STD’s that could potentially be fatal to your health or those that you might come in contact with.