STD Testing Options for the Unemployed and Uninsured

STD Testing Options for the Unemployed and UninsuredSTDs or sexually transmitted diseases are getting more and more common as every year progresses. STDs are hard to detect in their initial phases which makes STD testing a difficult task. It is not uncommon for a person to carry STDs for a long time and not know it. The scenario becomes worse when we look at STD testing for the unemployed and uninsured because there are a large number of people who do not have the means to go to a private clinic and pay money to get themselves tested. Also the large amount of stigma regarding STDs creates a very difficult situation for any person.

Free STD testing clinics are available in most areas but are very difficult to work with. The multitude of issues faced by people at such a free clinic is a different story altogether. The small number of clinics has made things very hard as there usually is a long waiting line which is a hassle for both the staff and the people. The lack of proper funding for such clinics and their overworked staff compiles the issues into a big heap. While there are a lot of organizations that offer aid and assistance to such clinics, it is not enough. Sometimes people have to wait for more than a week to get an appointment while the STD may in the meantime go untreated.

While there are a decent number of clinics that have offered subsidized services for the unemployed and the uninsured, some people are unable to even come up with small amounts of money. STD testing is a very important activity that should be further subsidized to make sure that it reaches all sections of society. It is the only way that STDs can be treated effectively. The alarming rate of increase of STD cases has gone unnoticed for a long time and could lead in a medical disaster.